The virtual reality media platform, Sensorium, has announced its membership in the Global Blockchain Business Council, or GBBC, a non-profit industry association based in Switzerland for blockchains.

Sensorium will participate in GBBC’s upcoming virtual forum on May 28, where the firm’s chief technology officer, Alex Blagirev, will discuss his predictions on how social virtual media will change the way people interact online.

Cointelegraph spoke with GBBC to discuss the intersection between social media and virtual reality, or VR, and the role the blockbuster plays in the future of the industry.

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DLT protects the copyright of user content
A GBBC representative stated that the convergence of VR and social media is already beginning to gain momentum, noting that major platforms such as Facebook „are providing users with new ways to share and experience content“.

„In this context, blockchain technology is likely to play an important role in the creation of digital assets and an online virtual economy,“ said the representative.

„In addition, blockchain technology could be used to protect property and copyright, as well as to create new advertising models in virtual worlds, as is already being done in the real world.

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Blockchain can eliminate social media identity theft
Sensorium’s director of operations, Brian Kean, emphasized the security benefits offered by distributed logbook technology, or DLT, stating

Identity theft, false accounts, etc. will be largely eliminated as human participants in the social-virtual world must verify their identity through blockchain.

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